1. Annual Conference December 26 to 29 every year
2. Mid-year MC conference or meeting every year
3. Cultural mark-able days
4. Other important occasions that may need involvement


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Adhiok Fellowships

Dear brothers: Greeting to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Amen). My specials thank goes to the ASA Website Management Committee for having requested us about what to be sent to our new Website.

My message to Adhiok Community at large is; our vision is meeting with one another, to get involved in the Australian diverse cultures, meeting with the world and, to meet and share the fellowship of Adhiok and share with others too.
By exploring and putting our effort to discuss our current issues of development on this page, we hope that you will come to know more about us and what we need to do as a society. We invite you to join “Man-Deng-Amadhau” by participating in any of our daily and/or occasional activities. For those who will be visiting the discussion site of the web-page, we hope that this page will be keeping us in touch and up date us on the progress of the ASA.

By Rev: David M Piok
[email protected]


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