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30-03-2011 16:45
Ajak ( Rocky , Aussie ) kuath84 <at> hotmail <dot> com
Adhiok community in Australia are appreciated in regard to educational effort. The survey was real; nonetheless, wishing all the best to this community. Strong effort on corporation,
17-02-2011 21:17
Kuer Dau Apai ( Sydney NSW , Australia ) kuerdauapai <at> hotmail <dot> com

Hello Ajak Dau, your message is taken and soon we will fix those items of concern.

 Let all be watchers to our website like that as it's everyone responsibility.


Website Management Team

14-02-2011 13:13
Ajak-kuath ( Rocky , Aussie ) kuath84 <at> hotmail <dot> com
Message to management committee, could you do something to confisticate some of those dorman icons on the web progrom which are inactive, and video intake capacity?. it's just shows only 8magibytes on it space initially. otherwise you doing cool.
regard Ajak dau
04-01-2011 20:47
Kuer Dau Apai ( NSW Sydney , Australia ) kuerdauapai <at> hotmail <dot> com


 We are proud as a successful community because of the followings;

1. Present of our elders (old people) in the organisation to prepare Adhiok young people to be able to see the things we could not see even if on the top of Sydney Tower City-Centre (Southern Hamphire) the tallest building in Australia (in Sydney).

2. Conducting Annual meeting on yearly basis which is not happening to the rest of the Twic East Associations.

3. The traditional reflected motto of “Damtongwun-Deeng” ‘gai-wuot’. That is real the other communities shall remain in an astonishment. And many others as well.

 Yes our beloved elders, your commitments and courages to the ASA your organisation is acknowledged and will ever-ever be respected and assured by Adhiok young people. It was assured and recognised to other communities by Mr Bul Duom (Kongor Elder) during  the ASA Celebration in Victoria. Keep that spirit pleases! With Kind Regards by Kuer Dau Apai

13-12-2010 14:00
Williamkei Kuer Dau Apai ( Sydney NSW , Australia ) williamkeikuerdau <at> hotmail <dot> com
Productive Messages worth Future Social and Economic benefits!!!

Big thank Ajak Dau Ajak for productive comments. Your concern to the society is acknowledged.

Your writings and others as well are productive and hope to bring change in our society of Adhiok.

Kind Regards by Williamkei Kuer Dau Apai
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