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13-06-2011 23:42
Williamkei Kuer Dau ( Sydney NSW , Australia ) williamkeikuerdau <at> hotmail <dot> com
Big Doubt on the Proposal of SYPE's Discussion!!!

It's a very encouraging and motivative idea to creat a Skype chat-line for the ASA's youth discussion site but a double doubtful on members responsiveness.

Let look at this website's Guestbook discussion site, I think there are only not more than 4 members who participate on the Guestbook/Discussion Forum. Then how sure do we expect the attendance to meet the expectations?

I suggest that youth department should first acquire the number of active participants, those who shall be ready to use SKYPE before creating it.

I am worried on how members response to their present opportunities.

Thank all

Williamkei Kuer Dau Apai
07-06-2011 02:27
ajak-kuath ( Rocky , Aussie ) kuath84 <at> hotmail <dot> com

ASA Youth Department should Creat Skype for Communication

I believe, many of ASA's youth members have qualities that portray their tasks definition. Indeed, our community insight is proactive in conjunction to innovative way and the general reflection.

Once again, I want to remind all of us that we have discrepancies in Adhiok youth department which I termed as a "vanishing entity" because youth activities are almost gone and why? 

I have some ideas to come up with in the Youth Department group. One of these ideas is here below: How about we create group electronic communication such as Skype account or VOIP? This shall be used to discuss our issues including those agendas that we normally waste time discussing them in the ASA's annual conference. It shall be worthwhile, should we only give time to elders to contribute some future productive ideas in the annual meeting instead of wasting time on those issues which can be discussed and exausted during our skype communication forum if it is agreed.

We will share some more ideas later on and I thank the current excutive committee of ASA 2010-11.

By Ajak(Kuath) Dau Ajak


05-06-2011 12:16
Williamkei Kuer Dau Apai ( NSW Sydney , Australia ) williamkeikuerdau <at> hotmail <dot> com

Let Acknowledge Every Single Move Moved by Individual

The Secretary-General of ASA 2010-11 (Mr Atem Mabior Chan) deserves appreciation for his activeness for having emailed us (office of the chairpersons) the minutes of the ASA Mid-Year Meeting within a week time which was expected to take him some Months to compile according to un-designed and adopted non-appreciated policy. Thank for that.

To everyone, let put our community development first and together with your own affairs of the day.

Thank All by Williamkei Kuer Dau Apai

19-04-2011 20:55
Williamkei Kuer Dau Apai ( Sydney NSW , Australia ) williamkeikuerdau <at> hotmail <dot> com

A Day of Graduation at University Justifies the Years of Education!!!

Mrs Awaak Ajang Duot, Ms Awek Bul Akech and I, were very excited and congratulated today when we had attended Peter Ajak Bul Akech's Graduation Ceremony at UWS (University of Western Sydney). Ajak was awarded with a bachelor degree of Medical Science. This concludes that a long journey since primary one is justified in One-Day!!!

We Adhiok Community, have acknowledged that Peter Ajak Bul is one among our successfully graduates of ASA in Australia. This reflects, Ajak(Kuath) Dau Ajak's recent message on this webpage in which he was proud of our Community members' achievements in higher educations.

Voice of ASA and Website Management Team:

Thank Ajak Bul Akech for your success and hopefully that our community will also enjoy your efforts. My eyes had a quick trip on UWS' wall in which I enjoyed the UNI's MOTO during the Ceremony that says "BRINGING EDUCATION TO LIFE" This shall be translated to Peter Ajak that we expect you to "Bringing Education to Home" by helping ASA society your Home-Community of origin.

With Kind Regards

Kuer Dau Apai

08-04-2011 06:51
Very nice page!
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