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30-01-2012 23:30
Kuer ( Sydney , Australia ) kuerdauapai <at> hotmail <dot> com
ASA's members in Australia should be examplers during the upcoming event in April 2012!!!

This is a real time to take development to people of the land.
05-01-2012 23:30
ajak-kuath ( Mackay , Australia ) kuath84 <at> hotmail <dot> com
To all viewers, readers and writers on this page, thought we voluntarily need to sacrifice ourselves chasing for the improvement of our entire website specially homepage. what its means is to absolutely excel regular updates thus: it would be more competitive to other social network. we have to have a photographer every occasion, should we need not to forget our past and present. this how we will surpass and keep historical archive on record prior to series of events. am extracting my mind but fewest will overview and judge I guess, probably non will gives me feedback due to some reasons I don't know. anyway thank you all Adhiok and visitors
regard Ajak Dau Ajak-kuath
02-01-2012 21:04
Rengo Gyyw Rengo, Jr. ( Juba , South Sudan ) rgrengo <at> yahoo <dot> com
Well, without a feign of doubt, every community has its heydays and low days. This is true of the Adhiok community. I am extremely happy to learn about the community organization in Australia and I wish to congratulate all those behind the scene of such organizations. At least, there is and there will be a silver lining for the future of the community. The community is still vibrant although it has poor leaders in South Sudan, a clique robbing our community of its time-tested confidence, organization and vision. the current leaders have killed collective action and responsibility for the community, so we have resorted to individual survival which is detriment to the survival of the community in a competitive world and individuals within it. What is our objective as a community?

I am happy there are still visionary people within us who will, for sure, defend our rights, survival and posterity. The fact is, modernization, science and technology brings about scarcity of resources...
02-12-2011 14:56
Deng Manyok Awuol ( Kampala , Uganda )
LITH Community Progress in Education

On behave of Lith Community in Kampala in Uganda and on my own behave, I would like to announce to you that Lith Community has fourteen graduates in various Universities and Colleges. Among them, are two students leading with first class degrees in Economics and Mass Communication from Kampala International University (KIU) and Uganda Christian University (UCU), respectively.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to fight illiteracy. Our community has crossed the bridge of illiteracy. As the chairperson of this Community, I would love to extend my gratitude to the graduates and parents who have never given up supporting these students to this joyous day.

I would love to inform the entire community of Lith and Twii at large that we are going to have a party on Saturday 12/2011.

WE have not forgotten Senior 4 & 6 plus students from primary school; we acknowledge them as part of this party.

The names of graduates are:
1. Ayi
02-12-2011 02:43
Deng MANYOK Awuol ( Kampala , Uganda ) dengpatoot <at> yahoo <dot> com
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I'm very delighted to hear focusing on what can make us remained united outside our country. My special thanks goes to the person who iniated the idea of opening this page.
As a member of this community, I would remarkably conclude that you focus on what will bring prosperity and not what will hinder our community.
Lastly, I Akuur aya Xoi, Bunyieng aya Xoi... pick up the tune, but remember to be visioning ladies and gentlemen whereever you stay. 1+2=3
Regards from Kampala, we are making it to the height. Akuur ayaku Xoi
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