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07-01-2013 16:21
test ( test , test ) fei <at> sitesnstores <dot> com <dot> au
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05-01-2013 14:09
Williamkei Kuer Dau Apai ( Sydney , Australia ) kuerapai <at> gmail <dot> com
Hello Everyone!

Let come back to our chatline forum please!

Kind Regards

Kuer Dau Apai
03-01-2013 16:43
test ( Melbourne , Australia ) test <at> sitesnstores <dot> com <dot> au
this is a test...
03-01-2013 12:41
test test ( Australia ) test <at> sitesnstores <dot> com <dot> au
08-04-2012 21:45
Bul Garang Bul ( NSW , Australia ) fathergarang <at> yahoo <dot> co <dot> uk
Dear Hon. Abuoi Garang and Kuer Dau plus the entire ASA leadership,

Congratulations on your amazing achievement. You have proven time and time again what hard work and dedication can produce. I wish you the best of luck and am sure you will continue to do what Adhiok people expected from you. Meeting the expectations of people who gave you a mandate to lead is always a big pleasure.

I 've been away from ASA meetings for sometimes but that doesn't stop my sincere thanks to Adhiok community and friends. Hopefully, I will re-start attending Adhiok events and meetings again and even work with one of our leaders as I did with Kuer Dau when I was one his right-hand men in Sydney.


Bul Garang Bul
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