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HELLO Keep ASAin your heart,

Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters of Adhiok community, welcome to the most beautiful family. This is a family with a big promise to care guide and encourage her children to be better people in future. I am proud to be part of this gorgeous family how about you? However, there are some questions that we need to ask, where does that pride come from? How do we become better people in future? And what shall we do in order to achieve that promise? Well, one of the ways we can do that is to start to look at ourselves as one large family rather than a community, we also need to offer our hearts , minds, joint our hands and hope for the best. Let's hope that this website will connect and help us generate positive ideas for the development and prosperity of our loving family. Where ever you may be educated or not, rich or poor, old or young as long as you are a member of this family, we cannot be 100% happy when some of our family members are not. Let us share our joys and sorrows together. There "will never be any change when no action is taken." Our future is in our hands, it is up to you and me to improve it. The components of the ASA's LOGO may look complex to the audiences of the site, therefore, share with us by learning the meanings of those content symbols, the clutches of palm-trees known as Bun-Akuur are representing Adhiok ancestors' homeland which was abandoned by as an ever wet-swamp area which does not support human life at the moment. The clouds and rains represent the strong relationship between Adhiok and rain that means Adhiok society was known as a rain-maker community in South Sudan, therefore, Adhiok society is nick named as Wundeeng and Man-deng (rain's mother). Hand represents the protection of ASA dignity and future set-up objectives/aims by each and every member of ASA. Heart represents ASA's members' roles in one heart as a beloved and united people of Adhiok. Thanks everyone.


Historical Background of ASA

Adhiok society is one of the Southern Sudanese communities found in Lith Payam (shared by Adhiok and Abek) in Twich-East County and in Jonglei state of South Sudan. Adhiok is geographically located in Wernyol town. The long war in Sudan had frustrated and traumatized Sudanese people emotionally, educationally, economically, socially, religiously and politically, therefore, this brought a so-concerned for Adhiok community in Australia to form ASA organization to embed the South-Sudanese disadvantaged refugees to their normal ways of lives. It will be achieved through the positive involvement in education, employment, trainings and moving on track in cooperating/participating in Australian’s all types of affairs.
The community was formerly known by many names such as Man-Deng, Amadhau, Amadhandengdit, Wundeeng, Deerweng, Angeek and Damtongwun-Deeng society. Adhiok was believed to have been migrated from some nearby neighbors in vary societies of Twic East County in South Sudan.

In Australia, ASA members are living in vary states of Australia and they regularly share in discussion when ever the need arises. ASA is a non-profit organization falls under the Australian Commonwealth Act’s policies that governing and protecting the non-profit organizations in Australia. ASA is a legally registered and incorporated organization under the Fair Trading Act of ------- therefore, it is integrated, developed and born in Australia like other organisations. Australia is a multiculturalism country of diverse cultures in which ASA got its’ way to get involved in the entire community of Australia.
This ASA’s Website is objectively proposed to be designed and developed to integrate the Southern Sudanese into the Australian community. It shall be the connected network between the Sudanese-Adhiok and Australians.


ASA Aims and Objectives

1. To foster a better indulgency between youth and elders of Adhiok Society in Australia
2. To create a common ground for educational support to students and as well as welfare of newly arrived community members
3. To provide a framework of advising and discussing relevant issues with its members and to bring coordination and interaction between not only its members but with wider community
4. To bring about the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and the promotion of the effective uses of resources for charities purposes by the charitable and non-profit bodies in the community including government support such as provision of accommodation, information assistance and other services
5. To create new opportunities and empower disadvantaged members in the society and to support imitative of local communities in the areas of further education, integration, adopting environs and community health wellbeing
6. To provide an avenue where the Sudanese/Adhiok people can identify, explore and exploit their potentials for the benefit of the members and wider Australian community
7. To liaise with services providers and authorities to find long lasting solutions to the problems of the Sudanese youth of Adhiok community
8. To co-operate and work in consortium with other organizations with similar objectives to help members integrate into entire Australian society
9. Acknowledge the cultural diversity in Australia and foster it by educating other Australians more about the Sudanese culture and adopt the Australians cultures
10. Encourage young people to take active role in leadership activities and discourage them from associating with immoral activities

ASA’s Economic Status

The economic status is still on preparation! Coming Soon

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